During the past few years, owing to the constant development and expansion, our company could participate in the building and reconstruction of European oil refineries. The team-established specifically for this purpose- consists of qualified welders and isometric pipe fitters and the belonging controlling staff (site manager, field engineer). We undertake oil and gas industrial executions with different materials (acid proof, carbon steel, duplex, chrome) with X-ray, liquid penetration, ultra sound and 100 % weld testing. We provide the highest level international health-safety-environment protection training while keeping the Western-European norms and requirements. Our references include the experiences acquired in the British Petrol and Shell refineries. Besides the execution of the petrol chemical networks and pipeline systems, we undertake the steel structural production of the supplementary and reception buildings and the nautical platforms-even multi-storey ones- and their shipping to the spot by river and road transport alike. In every case we process the built in materials according to the standards and we give a guarantee for our work.

MOL group oil industrial activity

Category: Over ground construction

During the past few years, our company has acquired significant experience as the qualified subcontractor of the MOL Group in the oil industry. We carry out complex tasks starting from the demolition of complete base plants to the construction of special product pipelines.

- construction, maintenance , demolition and renovation of foam grafter and other oil industrial product transport pipelines
- installation and maintenance of oil industrial engineering equipment
- clearing of reception buildings (painting, mowing, maintenance)
- development of well districts and their maintenance
- demolition of tank parks, base plants and railway loaders
- cathode protectoral maintenance
- execution of operator buildings, platforms, podiums and other over ground constructional establishments